Villa Escudero Waterfall Restaurant in Philippines

Philippines Villa Escudero Waterfall Restaurant is not only a wild restaurant to enjoy nature, but also has a good atmosphere. Villa Escudero is the famous botanical gardens and resorts in the Philippines, in the process of dining here, the bamboo is on your side, as long as rise, you can see it, you can also see the waterfall over our feet, it resembles a dinner on the water. You can see from the photo, one side is a waterfall, the other side is the steaming hot dining table, in any case, you will have a special feeling.

This Waterfall Restaurant is located in the southern part of Luzon in the Philippines, where you not only eating food while watching the waterfall, but can also be leisure after eating dinner. If you still feel not enough stimulation, you can take the local bamboo raft to enjoy the lake tourism.In the other end of the lake, locals grow their own Coconut Grove, you can go to check whether they are ripe?

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